Top Schools

We can help get your child into to a top college or high school

“I have no doubt that Karate helped me get accepted into Stanford.”

Our students attend or have attended some of the world’s top colleges and high schools, including the following:

  •  Stanford
  •  Harvard
  •  MIT
  •  USC
  •  UC Davis
  •  Bellarmine
  •  Harker
  •  Saint Francis
  •  And many more

“I have no doubt that karate helped me get accepted into Stanford,” said CKA Chief Instructor, Jim Mather, who went on to earn B.A. and M.A. degrees at Stanford and reach PhD Candidacy in Education. “In 1972, I was one of only two accepted into Stanford’s junior class. Reportedly, several hundred had applied, all with exceptional GPAs and SAT scores. The only thing that set me apart from the others was my black belt and karate training.”

CKA students are currently attending, or have attended, some of the country’s most prestigious universities and high schools, including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, USC, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Santa Clara, Bellarmine, Harker, and others.

Admissions people at top universities and high schools are swamped with highly qualified applicants. All have top grades and high SATs. How do they decide who they will allow entrance? Well, they look for other accomplishments, things that set some applicants apart from the pack. A black belt in karate, especially from a world-renowned school like CKA, makes an applicant unique. It offers independent proof that he or she is an extraordinary person – someone who has achieved what few within our society can claim – a black belt in karate, the martial art of legends.

Begin your child on a path towards enhancing his or her chances of being accepted by a top college or high school. Contact us today.

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