Private Lessons

For those who can’t attend our regular classes due to time conflicts or busy schedules, those who would simply prefer to learn one-on-one, or those who would like to accelerate their advancement in karate, we offer private lessons, taught by senior instructors.

  • Prepare for karate or kobudo testing to do your best
  • Move upwards in skill and rank in the shortest amount of time
  • Prepare for tournaments
  • Get off to the best possible start in karate

Private lessons are also an option for those who are not yet mature or old enough to begin our regular classes or for those with special needs that would prevent them from being mainstreamed.

We offer:

30 minute private lessons

1 hour private lessons

For rates or to schedule a private lesson or groups of lessons, call Anna at <h2>408-253-4044</h2> or speak with her directly.