Karate for Kids

“I believe every responsible parent today must ensure their children learn how to protect themselves against violence.” – national educational expert

The following are just a few of the many life enhancing benefits children can gain from training in our traditional karate program:

  •  Anti-bully Defensive Techniques
  •  Childhood Obesity Reduction
  •  Self Control for ADHD and Autistic kids
  •  Self Confidence for shy kids
  •  Improved Grades
  •  Respect for Parents and Others
  •  Abduction Prevention Training

We also work to instill the following skills and qualities:

  •  Increased concentration, focus, self control, and self discipline
  •  Leadership skills to rise to the top
  •  Greater stamina, strength, coordination, balance, and dexterity
  •  Goal-setting and achievement skills

Over the last few years, the world has become a far more complex, demanding, and violent place than when most of us were our children’s or grandchildren’s age, making life far more challenging for them. Bullies abound. Violence has invaded previously safe harbors, like home, church, school, work place, movie theaters, and shopping areas. Schools have been forced to curtail or eliminate PE and sports programs so many kids get little or none of the exercise their growing bodies need to become fit and healthy.

The popularity of computer and online activities has led children to spend large amounts of time in their rooms in virtual worlds and too little outside in the real world engaging in healthy activities. All this contributes to what has been proclaimed “an epidemic of childhood obesity” and feared by experts to reduce the quality and length of many children’s lives.

Also, the self-image, self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-control a child develops today will directly impact the grade level and quality of education they will be allowed to attain as well as the level of happiness and success they will be able to experience as an adult. Our programs have proven their ability to aid children develop all of the necessary qualities, leading most to healthier, happier, and more successful lives.

We also give children and teenagers leadership skills and the inner strength to resist negative, potentially harmful peer pressure. Our young students become the leaders of their peer groups, not the compliant followers who must do whatever is necessary to appease the group, to fit in, to be accepted.

While a graduate student at Stanford’s School of Education, our chief instructor, Grandmaster Jim Mather, developed two unique, easy to learn and remember self-defense programs. One was a general self-defense/violence prevention program called StreetWise. The other was SafeChild, which taught children how to prevent or thwart an abduction. Both have been taught at many local schools over the years. The StreetWise program was so effective that it became required for all students at several local high schools.

If your child could use any of these, contact us today and get him or started on a positive, new path.

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